BLUG 17. Oktober 2013 – Software Patents: Who’s Behind the Curtain?

Bergen (BSD and) Linux User Group continues the series of “Last Thursday” meetings.

Thursday October 17th 2013 at 19:00
Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek
Strømgaten 6, 5015 Bergen,

With this extraordinary meeting on the topic
Software Patents: Who’s Behind the Curtain?
by Deb Nicholson

UPDATE: The slides are published here.

How do the court cases and legislative votes from the past year or so impact the stream of seemingly endless software patent suits? Where are all these patents coming from? Deb Nicholson will give a top-level view of recent and relevant scholarly papers in the field, discuss evolving strategies and global efforts to staunch the flow of settlement money. She’ll discuss the recent trends and financial models that are impacting our ability to just get back to making awesome software already.

This talk is for developers, contributors and other non-lawyers who are concerned about the global epidemic of software patent suits and how it impacts Linux, GNU, Android and other FOSS projects. The audience will walk away with a better sense of who is getting sued and why, what solutions are gaining traction and what community members can do to help.

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How software patents are delaying the future
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