BLUG 25. Februar 2016 – Home Automation

BLUG Februar 25th 2016 – Home Automation

Bergen (BSD and) Linux User Group continues our meeting series “Last Thursday”,

Torsdag 25. Februar 2015 kl 18:30 (MERK TIDSPUNKTET!)
Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek, Auditoriet
Strømgaten 6, 5015 Bergen

with the topic

Home Automation

with Kostiantyn Denysenko

For most people smart house starts with one light switch that can be controlled with a phone. Some may leave it at that, some may go further and have more lights. I believe that we can go even further and teach houses to predict what environmental we would like to be in at the moment or how to achieve it. Even more, let’s have that ability with us all the time. Let’s make a system where all connected devices can be used to make you feel at home away from home. Welcome to a new world – the world of SmartHome!

Kostiantyn Denysenko is an Electronics engineer. Works for Sensario. Designs hardware for wireless sensor networks

Presentation will be held in english, questions can be made in eigther english or norwegian.

NB: The meeting will be held in UROM at the library. Not Auditoriet, which is our usual meeting spot.


Practical notes

The library closes at 8 pm. Our meeting slot is moved from 7pm to 6:30 pm

We move on to Henrik after the talk for some smalltalk and refreshments.

The presentation will be recorded, and streamed live at TouTube:

if the technology doesn’t let us down

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BLUG meeting schedule:

Torsdag 31. mars – Åpne data med Livar Bergheim
Torsdag 28. april – FLOSS i næringslivet
Torsdag 26. mai – tema ikke bestemt
Torsdag 25. august – tema ikke bestemt
Torsdag 29. august – tema ikke bestemt
Torsdag 27. august – tema ikke bestemt

Dersom du har et tema du gjerne vil fortelle om, eller vet om noen som kan holde foredrag for oss er det bare å si ifra til undertegnede, på

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