18. Oktober 2012 - All watched over by machines of loving grace?

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Bergen (BSD and) Linux User Group fortsetter møteserien "Last Thursday".

Foredraget vil denne gangen bli holdt på engelsk, med temaet

All watched over by machines of loving grace?

Torsdag 18. Oktober 2012
kl 19:00

Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek
Strømgaten 6, 5015 Bergen, [1]

with Karsten Gerloff from Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE)

Computers are woven into the fabric of our daily lives. They are the machines we use to create knowledge, they let us talk and write to each other, they are the cars, trains and planes that we use to move around.

Computers are so tremendously useful because they are general purpose machines. We routinely use them to create and do things that the people who built them never dreamed of.

Yet we are in the middle of an intense battle for control of these computers. Corporations are busy turning general purpose computers into mere shopping devices. Instead of choosing our destiny, we only get to choose our masters.

It doesn't have to be this way. Are we heading for a world of corporate surveillance, where our choices will be bought and sold? Or are we going to create a world where we live in freedom and take charge of our lives?

Karsten Gerloff

Karsten Gerloff is the President of the Free Software Foundation Europe.

Karsten Gerloff works together with developers, activists, business leaders and high-level political decision makers in order to create an environment where Free Software can reach its full potential. He leads FSFE's participation in community and policy processes at the European and global level, and is a frequent speaker at a wide variety of conferences and events.

Karsten Gerloff has conducted extensive research on the economic and social effects of Free Software for the European Commission and other clients, and has led the development of training materials for Free Software entrepreneurs in Southern and Eastern Africa. (source: http://fsfe.org/about/gerloff/gerloff.en.html )

Vi legger som tidligere opp til at den formelle, disiplinerte faglige delen av møtet vil være fullført ca kl 21.00, med overgang til mer uformelle aktiviteter og langsom forflytting til egnet serveringssted (Henrik ) for fagøl og annet sosialt.